The Restoration heads into the studio!


Columbia vet Daniel Machado is no stranger to releasing new music.  Under his former guise “Guitar Show” Machado released nearly 5 albums worth of material, culminating with his own musical biography entitled Themes in American Friction.
SceneSC is excited to report that he is at it again!
However, this go around Machado is taking his band The Restoration along for the ride.  While the “Faulknerian Chamber Pop” act has released a few recordings for fans, the band is promising a full-length studio effort designed to tell the tale of Machado’s fictional turn-of-the-century Vale family.  The album will be recorded on location in Nashville and Columbia, and will be engineered and mixed by Collin Derrick of The Fire Tonight who has been increasingly active in the Tennessee recording scene.  The band will be heavily involved in the production process along with long-time friend and SceneSC contributor Stephen Russ.
Machado had this to say about the recording:

“Now that we’ve gotten to a point in the songwriting process where our “Vale family” narrative is coming to a close, we have been hoping to record an album of those songs using an “old timey” yet professional approach. Enter Collin and Stephen who came forward a few months ago with the amazing offer of bringing us to Nashville to record our album with exactly that approach. The timing was perfect and we’re extremely honored and excited to work with them on the project!”
SceneSC will be following the recording process closely via exclusive studio updates from the band.  Tracking begins a week from today!