Hot Lava Monster takes California #3


Hot Lava Mike checks in with an update on music and continued worry over Patrick’s mental state!  Also check out California videos on the band’s youtube!

Day ?

I finished principle guitar tracks in two days of recording. On the evening of the 2nd day, Sylvia came in, listened, and announced we’d be redoing everything that night. It was a long day, but ultimately worth it. I definitely feel we’ve gotten something better down. I also re-tracked everything with a baritone guitar. The baritone just makes everything much more evil. It certainly made me smile.

Speaking of smiling, we’ve noticed a marked improvement in Patrick’s demeanor lately. He’s taken to wearing a piece of raw meat fastened to a chain around his neck. Anytime he gets anxious he just takes a bite out of it and appears much more calmer…even sedated. However, now we haven’t seen Andy in a few days. According to Patrick, Andy went hiking and left Patrick his watch for safe keeping. Hmmm…I certainly want to give Patrick the benefit of the doubt. But I know better.