Fall Out is Back


Fall Out is back and moving from Finlay Park to the back parking lot of Jillian’s in the Vista.

This year Rock 93.5 does a good job of mixing in some local flavor with headliner Collective Soul.  Justin Smith and Folk Hop Band are no stranger to sharing the stage with big acts after having recently shared the stage with Snoop Dogg on a short stint of dates through the Southeast.  Their single “It’s My Life” gets regular rotation support from Rock 93.5, which is a big deal since they aren’t an independent radio station.

Also representing local bands will be Deepfield, who play a heavier style of melodic rock that will fit in well with 93.5 listeners.  Deepfield has made their mark in the past with 2 singles that were in rotation on both XM and Sirius radio.

In the past the people behind Fall Out have done a good job of putting good up and coming bands on the bill that are on the verge of the national stardom.  The one band in particular I have in mind is Hoobastank, but there were a couple of bands on that bill that almost really busted through.  Remember Rooney?  Socialburn?  Audiovent?  All of these were good bands that just kind of fizzled out.  The After Midnight Project could be that band this year.  Will they turn out to be Hoobastank or Socialburn?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see, but they have the sound and the potential to make it to the next level.  They are currently on tour with Chevelle.

Atlanta indie emo go getters Cartel are also on the bill to appeal to a slightly different fan base than the rest of these bands.  For a little while Cartel was really tearing up the national scene as Dr. Peppers band in a bubble, with a lot of MTV airtime.  They have kind of flattened out in the last 2 years, but they still have a strong fan base from their first two albums.  I speak from being a big fan of their first two albums, but I’m just not as excited about their new songs.  They still have all the potential in the world to get back on top.  I heard from friends that their last show in Columbia at Headliners was a little lackluster.  Hopefully this show will be a little different.

Headlining the show are our favorite multi platinum international Rock Stars Collective Soul.  This might sound weird, but to college age kids Collective Soul can almost be considered “Classic Rock.”  They burst onto the scene in 1993 with their hit single “Shine.”  There was no looking back from their dominating modern rock radio for the next 10 years with 7 number one singles and many more that got solid airtime.

Last time they were in SC they were fighting with Gavin DeGraw. Hopefully we can keep the boxing gloves at the house of the guys in Calculator and not behind Jillians.