Scene SC Endorsed Band: Austin Crane

Columbia, SC

Genre: Folk/Indie


SceneSC.com is proud to announce our third Endorsed Band, Austin Crane.

Austin Crane is more than just Austin Crane.

It is also Jimmy Gibson, Nathan Poole, and Caleb Weathersby.

And they are fantastic. Austin Crane has all of the characteristics of a good band that will make you pay attention on first listen and obsess over on repeat listens. The first time I heard Austin Crane was at WUSC 90.5 FM while “I Know My Hands” was in rotation. It stayed in heavy play for at least a month and a half. There is something so compelling about this band that keeps me wanting more and luckily more is right around the corner.

Austin Crane will be releasing their new album, A Place at the Table, Friday October 23, 2009, as seen on the banner at the top of this page.

This new album is much more of the band’s brainchild than the last, and we are more than excited to get our hands on it.

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