New Music From The Patient


You might not have heard of The Patient yet, but Friends and Romans or Nick Bays might ring a bell.  We’ve been promoting their music here at Scene SC from day one because we know they have a lot of talent and stellar songs.  Two members have carried over from Friends and Romans, drummer Michael Crawford and songwriter vocalist Nick Bays.  The band has also added Jeremiah Toole who is a joy to listen to live.  A lead guitarist who isn’t overbearing and is a perfect accent to Nick’s melodies.

Their new song “A Loss of Blood” is proof of the hard work they put in at the recording studio earlier this year in Nashville.

  • Randy Borawski

    correct url for Nick’s new project:

  • Colin

    this band is going to be retarded good.

  • videovixen

    This band is better than God.

  • Jerod Imam

    This band is already better than God and Jesus combined.