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South Carolina Song of the Year

It is about that time to reflect back on 2009.  In doing so, in the next couple of days we are going to choose what we think are the best moments from South Carolina music.

First off we have Song of the Year.  This was an easy choice for us and apparently for most of our readers.  When we asked around to find out what song you thought it should be, everyone said “Legs and Scars” by Tent Revival.  My response to them, you are absolutely correct.

Just to confirm our choice of this song we went and saw Tent Revival Friday night and hands down this song has won everyone over.  “Legs and Scars” is available for free to download on their Myspace Page.

What won us over?  A perfect mix of heartbreak, vivid imagery and a powerful climax.   From the first time we heard “Legs and Scars” we knew it was great and probably won’t be topped for a while.

Runner Up song of the year is- Magnetic Flowers-Northern Lights

This is a song that co-singer/songwriter Patrick Funk always dedicates to his fiance live.  It is also our favorite song on their latest album.  This is what we had to say about it earlier this year.

“Another highlight, and the soulful center of the record, is the emotionally wrought “Northern Lights,” a ballad that exquisitely captures the jumble of confused thoughts and concerns that make up the average twentysomething’s psyche. The song, centered around a few simple guitar chords and a mournful accordion melody, is a coming-of-age song pushed ahead ten years, addressing all of the insecurities, demands and questions that life holds once you are actually suppose to start living it. It’s a beautiful, touching anthem that has the power to strike a chord right in the heart of the band’s intended audience.”


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