Seven Q’s with Junior Astronomers


I caught up with Terrence Richard, lead singer of Junior Astronomers to try and figure out why his band is so good live and about how he misses the panty raids that go on in Columbia while he is gone.  If you haven’t heard of them, Junior Astronomers are one of Charlotte’s finest bands.  I think we are going to adopt them though.  You can check them out in Greenville on January 8th at The G Spot and Columbia at New Brookland Tavern on March 19th.

Hello, Who are you and what do you do?
Terrence Richard and I play floor tom and yell.

What gives you the right?


Why do you play music?

I always wrote as a teenager and music was just a faster medium to get my idea’s out to people.  Kids don’t read poetry anymore so I decided to just trying to play music.  It just sort of felt right so I kept at it.  I’d like to say something more profound but that’s all I got.  Anything else and I’d be lying to you.

Why is your band so good live?
One word. Peyote.

If you could tour with any band in the history of recorded music, who would it be?
The Beach Boys.  I’m talking Pet Sounds days though.  Any other time and I think it be a little bit too groovy for me.

If you were on Room Raiders and Tyler Morris ofo
Calculator came into your room with a flashlight and a detective kit, what would he find?
GQ magazine, a broken bed,a HUGE wine stain on my floor, and three tv’s in my closet.  Oh and pictures from the orgy filmed in the green room of The Elbow Room.

What is the deal with Bakari Lebby? Is that guy for real?
I’ve asked myself this question at-least twice a day.  I’ve come to the conclusion that you can’t question greatness. That’d be like questioning Rihanna why she got such bad hair cuts ALL THE TIME. You just accept it.

Would you rather have the super power of XRay vision in a land of dudes and fat chicks or super duper sense of smell in the land of farts?
Definitely x ray vision.  I feel like I could control that AND some fat chicks have really pretty faces.

What do you want to ask me?
Fuck.Kill.Marry: Baraki Lebby, Nathan Hussey, Chaz B.

I know right!

Have fun without me at the panty raids.



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