I’m tired of people complaining about The Top 10 Albums of the Decade. So here it is. The best one ever published anywhere on the Interwebs.

You should have gotten some celebs to write about their favorite albums. I know that Kurt Rambis, is a huge music buff, and he’d love to do one. Feel free to include on the main page

10. Jock Jams- The All Star Jock Jams
-Any album featuring both “Whoomp There it Is” and “Who Let the Dogs Out” is a game changer, in my opinion
9. WWF-Anthology
-Gret retrospective. A “must” for anybody who calls themself a fan. This runs the gamut of WWF intros, from the loveable Bushwhackers to the depraved D-Generation X
8. Kobe Bryant- K.O.B.E.
-Gotta give some love for my boy. This gem is hard to find, but I got connections.
7. J.C. Chasez- Schizophrenic
-Not only a better dancer, but a better singer than Justin Timberlake. The fact that he isn’t the current King of Pop is nothing short of criminal!
6. Alien Ant Farm- ANThology
-Great punk/rock band. Wrote some really catchy songs. Michael Jackson even covered one of them.
5. The Cheetah Girls- One Love Soundtrack
Great pop, with a great message
4. MercyMe- 10
-If there is anything I love more than basketball it’s sports goggles. If there is anything I love more than sports goggles, it’s Jesus Christ. “I Can Only Imagine” is such a powerful call to worship. Makes me sweat whenever I hear it.
3. Aaron Carter- Aaron’s Party (Come and Get It)
-This album features the song “That’s How I Beat Shaq” and when I coached Shaq on the Lakers, I once beat him in HORSE. I also once beat him when I played for the Charlotte Hornets and he the Orlando Magic. I held him to 34 points.
2. Kenny G- Rhythm and Romance
-Yeah, I played in the NBA, so I slay lots on tang. What do you think puts them women in the mood? My good friend, Kenny G.
1. Arcade Fire- Funeral
-Top to bottom, best album of decade. Neon Bible was a real bummer of a follow-up.

Honorable Mention:
Modest Mouse- The Moon and Antarctica
Explosions in the Sky- The Earth is Not a Cold Dead Place
Sigur Ros- ( )
Grizzly Bear- Veckatimest


  1. Hey, don’t get mad, I love “Shaq Diesel” as it was my #2 album of the 90’s. It was just behind “That’s What Little Girls Are Made Of” by Raven Symone for that decade. Shaq’s 1996 offering, “You Can’t Stop the Reign” also clocked in at 7 for that decade. I felt since my list was unsolicited, that I had better follow the rules and keep it in the 2000’s. If anybody is wondering, Shaq’s “Shoot, Pass, Slam!” album from 2006 didn’t crack my top 100. I felt there were some subtle swipes taken at me and the Lakers coaching staff in the song “Are You a Roughneck?”

    Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.

    -KR #31

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