Catching Up with J Mayer

We caught up with Jon Mayer this afternoon and asked him some of his favorite things about Columbia so far.


1) How do you like Columbia?

I love Columbia; the great weather, the University athletics, and the southern hosptality truely make this city a great place to visit.

2) What is your favorite Columbia bar?

Well i generally dont go out much. But when I do, I dont mind checking out the local artists at The Pub or Delaney’s and most recently Dam Bar & Grill. There is some good talent around the state.

3)  Have you eaten at any local restaurants you like?

One of my favorites has to be DiPrato’s. Their sandwiches are some of the best i have ever had. The open-faced roast beef sandwich is in a class of its own. But down here in South Carolina you have to get your share of ‘soul food’, and the best place for that is downtown at a place called Nathan’s. Its a real small place but has some great home cooking.

4)  How is your cell phone reception in the Coliseum?  Mine always sucked.

Oh i have no clue, i generally dont carry my cellphone around while in there. I guess i’ll have to check that out.

5)  You seem to always be surrounded by beautiful women.  Any dating advice for the working class man?

Get out, enjoy life, and meet new people.


  1. He was practicing at the Colonial Life Arena. And he gave free tickets to all USC students to come and watch.

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