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02 Monkey Lovin’

If there is one thing you can count on every year, it is A) American Gun will be playing a show at Art Bar on Valentines day and 2) Todd Mathis and Kevin Kimbrell will be hammered at that show.  Some say they are hammered because they miss playing Monkey Lovin’ live, others say it is a self protective numbing feature to be able to endure the constant heckling from the crowd.  I have to agree with both reasons.  Either way we can’t shake these bastards on singles awareness day.

Here is what American Gun had to say about it.

While Stretch Armstrong plays another farewell show,Baumer are gone, The Machine Is Me couldn’t hack it, Marry A Thief are calling it quits, American Gun is still around. You just can’t seem to get rid of these bastards can you Columbia? Even with all the bullshit excuses like the tanking economy, creative differences, line-up changes, whatever, we get drunk, bitch, and half kill each other every 6 months or so but are still alive and kicking. With the departure of founding member Donald Merckle, (forestry sabbatical) the band will perform its first show as a 4-piece on February 13th at the Art Bar. An all electric American Gun promises to be as raucous as before. Oh, and who the hell are Magnetic Flowers?

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