Show Preview-Former Thieves/Into It. Over It/Dire Wolf

On March 6th the House of Hardcore brings Former Thieves with Into It. Over It. and Dire Wolf.

Dire Wolf is a hardcore band from Michigan.  They sound a little like Converge, but more so like Integrity.  They have that heavy doom sound with faster parts intertwined.  They are coming off the release of their most recent EP-Gloom (self-released).  You can find both their EPs (Gloom and self-titled) free on their myspace.


Into It. Over It. seems a little out of the place for this show, considering he is a singer/songwriter but don’t jump to conclusions, Into It. Over It. Is good stuff.  Into It. Into It. Over It. Is a solo project of Evan Weiss (The Progress, It’s A King Thing, Up Up Down Down), and 52 weeks was born from his goal to write one song a week for 52 weeks starting on his 23rd birthday.  Some of his vocals remind me of Minus the Bear without the technicalities but other times it is similar to Bright Eyes or Death Cab for Cutie.


Former Thieves – Control and Illusion (LIVE) from Tim Dodd on Vimeo.

Former Thieves is a heavy punk band from Iowa.  This band is one of the more intense up and coming band.  They blend a heavy technical sound with bursts of energy, reminiscent of Brain Worms, Pianos Become The Teeth, or Touche Amore.  Former Thieves is touring on their 12” The Great and The Alleged Great (Mayfly Records).  This 5 song LP is full of energy and dark lyrics, and one would expect their live performance to be complementary.



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