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St. Patricks Day Line Up

19 Bands, Four Stages, All for $15 or $11 advanced purchase – less than the cost of admission at most live music venues with only one act performing. Get your advanced tickets now!

Bud Light | Rock 93.5 Stage


Shallow Palace

Direct Auto | Free Times Stage


Battles of the Bands Winner
Sequoyah Prep School
John Satterfield
Josh Roberts and the Hinges
Robert Earl Keen

Five Points Stage


The Skelligs
Foxy Shazam
The Movement
Perpetual Groove

Fountain Stage


Celtic Blue
Long Miles
Justin Smith and Folk Hop Band



  1. Sucks! There’s only one band worth seeing and I’m not going to say who because I don’t want to offend anyone that I know. They can just assume that they are the 1 band worth seeing.

  2. this fucking blows. last year we had awesome bands like manchester orchestra and we the kings.

  3. The line up has been awesome for as long as I can remember.

    The Crawfish festival had a better line up than this one.

  4. I’m gonna go ahead and say that I’m obviously biased, but shouldn’t there be more emphasis on local music? Columbia/SC’s music scene is good enough that I’d much prefer a bevy of great local bands to some of the middle-of-the-road “national” acts that end up playing St. Pat’s. I mean, Jet? Seriously? Meh.

  5. Out of twenty bands listed, I count at least nine that are from either Columbia or Charleston, that’s pretty good local representation–though they may not be the local bands you want to see.

    In years past, the unofficial stages were usually better than the festival ones, esp. when it came to the local bands…perhaps more of those will pop up again to take up the slack with only 20 bands this year in the actual fest.

  6. David Russell-

    There was a great class taught at USC where for the final project this really handsome guy and another fella put together a hypothetical festival in Charleston. They had prices for everything (although I think they made up the prices). This is proof that things you learn in school apply to the real world.

    On a side note, why isn’t Crossfade playing. Is Anthony Green going to be playing with Saosin? Could one imagine such a scenario? Their original singer back! Holy cow! For me, I’m pumped to see Ballyoo. I bet they are good and cool.

  7. I’ve gotta say, it is very weak from a national perspective. However, from a local perspective it is pretty damn sweet.

  8. This might make things a little better.

    WRXY 99.3FM Stage @ Jake’s:

    Mean Wiener
    New York Disco Villains
    Isabelle’s Gift
    American Gun

  9. What was that ska band from the early/mid 2000’s with the kid in some of my classes. They should play.

  10. I’m only going if Burns Out Bright, Rudy, All Good Citizens and Tigerbot Hesh play.

  11. I was texting with Peabo Bryson the other day, and he told me that he was interested in playing, but he was told that the kids “didn’t get him”. A world where kids don’t get Peabo Bryson is a world I don’t want to live in.
    What about Chris Sligh? He seems like a kid who kids might get. Plus, he loved JC.

  12. PLEASE…PLEASE….”EVIL EMPIRE” , Me and the bro’s need to tear down the outdoor stage at Jakes again…..rockin’ w/ Evil Empire !

    Please telll me they will play @ an unofficial stage !

  13. Im really only interested in Jet and Saosin but there are some more local bands playing at WRXY 99.3FM Stage at Jake’s and my Stepdads band Isabelle’s Gift is playing. In comparison to later years the line-up kinda sucks but it could be worse.

  14. This is a bigger waste of time, energy, money, and resources than the war in Iraq. Did the Bush administration plan this festival?

    I hope Kanye West will walk out at some point and try to upstage this entire event.

    The Home Show has more attractions than St. Patty’s Day in 5 Points and the beer will probably be cheaper.

  15. Actually the movement is pretty good but last years was WAY better. We need to get the AVETT BROTHERS DOWN HERE!!!!

  16. I was really hoping they would get the Avett Brothers back after they got tornado’d out two years ago. They owe us a show.

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