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Vanilla Ice Rolls Into Florence


8:00 PM

Spin 2.0 Entertainment Complex
Florence, South Carolina

OK guys. Let’s get this straight.  Rob Van Winkle himself will be in Florence tomorrow night performing under the name that made him famous “Vanilla Ice.”  Second of all.  I’ve had to do way too much research already to even write about WHY IN THE WORLD Vanilla Ice is touring.

Here we go.  Vanilla Ice has a new album WTF?  No seriously, that’s the name of the new album.  “WTF.”  According to Vanilla Ice’s official website the new album has “everything from Techno to Hip-Hop to Country to Acoustic… It will blow you away!”

So if you aren’t planning on being at the Iowa State Fair August 15, this will be your best chance to catch Vanilla Ice live.  Who is Manchester Orchestra anyway?

Vanilla Ice is currently performing with DJ Dirty Chopstix.

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