Horizon Records: Our Favorite Record Store in the State

We’ve been to a lot of record stores all around, but none have matched the experience we’ve had at Horizon Records.  Their selection of new and previously loved CDs and vinyl is great, maybe not the best, but their customer service is above and beyond.

Here’s the story.

The Stringers always make it a point to stop into Horizon Records when we go home to Greer.  So we’ve been going there about once every two months over the last year.  We don’t know anyone that works there personally although we are a fan of Aaron Berg’s music.  We’ll get to him in a little bit, but the story goes like this.  We went in December and I bought the new Minus 5 record, because I’m a huge R.E.M. fan and it’s a Peter Buck project.  Easy enough.

We went to Horizon Records a couple of weeks ago and I bought the new She and Him on vinyl and Meredith bought the new Rogue Wave and a used copy of Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. This is where Horizon Records went above and beyond.  The girl at the counter remembered I bought the Minus 5 record months before and asked me how I had been enjoying it.  I was so stoked that she remembered.  I’m not even sure what my reply was, but I managed to get out something about Peter Buck.  She ended up giving Meredith and me tons of free SWAG.  Record label samplers, a couple of vinyl singles and some CD singles.  So if you ever wonder why your record store didn’t make it and Horizon is still being awesome, it’s as simple as customer service.

So if you’re in Greenville for Record Store Day this Saturday go to Horizon Records and buy some music.  And guess what!?  They have some live awesome music starting at 1pm from Aaron Berg and The Heavy Love, The Jaywalkers and O Mello Cello Tree. We’re big fans of both Aaron Berg and O Mello Cello Tree, so go check them out and support the upstate music scene.


We’re celebrating RECORD STORE DAY in all it’s sprawling collecting shopping thronging music infested tribal sonic fun-ness.
Of course we will have an amazing array of the usual must-have goodies of limited edition CDs LPs DVDs and BOOKs that are now the stuff of RECORD STORE DAY. This is the 3rd year of one of the most fun holidays in America.

Starting at 1pm – LIVE MUSIC
O Mello Cello Tree
Aaron Berg & The Heavy Love
The Jaywalkers

The Bohemian Cafe will be serving festival-style RECORD STORE DAY food specials. Beverages of all types will be available to compliment your RECORD STORE DAY experience.

Then that night we are bringing the party: 9pm at The Handlebar – garage & punk action from REIGNING SOUND, then Hip-Hop fo real from PARALLEL THOUGHT and TAME ONE!

  • I’m partial to Papa Jazz in SC, but when I lived down in Columbia I had to drive up to Lunchbox in Charlotte to find any new experimental and avant shit. I only went to Horizon a few times but never found anything unpredictable there. Harvest in Asheville is probably worth the drive from Columbia, too.