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Artisphere Kicks off Friday

Downtown Greenville

May 7-9th

Artisphere kicks off this weekend in downtown Greenville with Live music, visual arts exhibits and plenty of local food.  Artisphere has been going on since 2003 and focuses on showcasing and focusing on the arts, not only in Greenville, but throughout the upstate of South Carolina and North Carolina.

Who to look out for on the Musically

Friday May 7th

Culinary Arts Café Stage

4:30 Paddy Dover

If you get there early on Friday, you’ll want to check out Paddy Dover.  He plays a style of guitar unlike anything you’ve ever seen and he’s sure to make you say wow at least once.

7:30 Doug Jones of Cravin Melon

This show is right the back yard of Cravin Melon frontman Doug Jones and he does his best work in front of a familiar crowd.  Sounds like he’ll be playing solo, but hopefully he’ll leave a sweet taste in your mouth with some familiar Cravin Melon hits.  Just keep yelling Blossom at him and you just might get what you want.

Peace Center Amphitheater Stage

8:30 Erin McCarley

Erin McCarley might have to swim him here after what has happened to her current home town this week.  Nashville is under water, but she’ll be in Greenville Friday night playing under a warm clear spring night.  A perfect artisphere for her sultry pop rock gems.  If you like piano driven catchy pop rock with a beautiful voice, you’ll love McCarley.

Saturday May 8th

1:00 Hannah Miller

If you haven’t heard of Hannah Miller yet, then you probably haven’t read Scene SC before.  She is on our sampler and she’s always playing shows, so we’re always writing about her.  She has a great voice and writes great songs that will make you both smile and cry.  It’s just good music.

2:30 Josh Roberts

It seems as if Josh Roberts will be sans the Hinges Saturday, but that won’t stop him from playing the songs that has made his name famous in bars around the state.  Roberts just finished a string of dates in Florida and Georgia opening up for Band of Horses and the crew is keeping the ball rolling.

7:00 Danielle Howle

Danielle Howle is the lowcountry legend.  She’s just as happy on her farm in Awendaw as she is out playing shows around the state.  She produces records, she makes jewelry by hand and she has forgotten more about South Carolina music than most of us know.  She has a story to tell and you won’t want to miss her.  She’s one of a kind and we all love her.




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