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A Look Inside Archer Avenue Studios


The guys at Let Them Eat Cake! productions filmed this look inside Archer Avenue Studios, giving people an inside perspective into the recording process.

Archer Avenue Studios is one of Columbia’s top recording studios run by Kenny McWilliams (Baumer, Laura Story, Rejectioneers) and Eric McCoy (Madison Fair.)  They’ve recorded some of the best albums to come out of Columbia in the last couple of years including artists such as Marry a Thief, Hannah Miller, Austin Crane, Jesse Isely, Postcard Fiction and Rejectioneers.

So if you are in a band and looking to record, look in your backyard first.  There are some great studios in Columbia that just might fit your needs.  If any of these artists fit your style and you like the sound of their recordings, go record at Archer Avenue.  If you’re looking for something more punk/hardcore go to the Jam Room.  No need to waste money traveling around, when you could get a better product here.

And check out our own little Archer Avenue video we did just a couple of months ago!


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