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Show Preview: The Restoration/Elonzo

Friday July 2nd

The White Mule

There has been a serious lack of bands in Columbia lately that actually bring people to shows and work hard on their promotion.  Thank God for bands like The Restoration who are still consistently booking shows around town and doing the promotion that is needed to get people there.

Since their compendium release earlier this year, The Restoration has kept chugging along playing show after show.  What might be a little different about this one is it is at The White Mule.  The White Mule caters more to the acoustic side, so you’ll get to hear every little note.  So instead of a loud stage with microphones everywhere, maybe this time the banjo and violin with ring through.

Livin Will from Elonzo on Vimeo.

For regular Columbia music goers that read Scene SC, you’ve probably already heard of The Restoration or seen them live.  So the reason you should really go to this show is Elonzo.  Elonzo hails from Rock Hill, SC and will give you the chance to sit back in your chair and enjoy their slight twang and straight up Southern nostalgic rock and roll.  Think of it like a ride at night with the windows down through the country of SC.

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