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Mercy Mercy Me Get’s Dirty with a 7 Inch

Mercy Mercy Me-Cayce Blues

After playing their dirty brew soaked rock in the dives of Columbia and Charleston for the last year, Mercy Mercy Me has released their first 7 inch single, Another Place, Another Time, on Fork and Spoon Records.

The two song single captures their live sound in a ballsy lofi way that would make The Strokes and White Stripes cream their panties.  These songs are fast, hard, guitar driven rockers with guts that will make you sweat while you drink your bourbon under your desk at work.

If you are so anxious to get your hands on the Mercy Mercy Me 7″ and/or No Way Jose! 12″ that you can’t wait the time it takes to ship, then you are now in luck (if you live in Columbia)! Both of these releases are currently available for purchase at Papa Jazz in Columbia, SC as well as Scratch N Spin in West Columbia, SC.

Also, check out some of the guys of Mercy Mercy Me in their blue grass project, Say Brother, playing this thursday at El Burrito @ 7:00 PM!

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