Hillary’s Hot Summer Jams

By: Hillary Lancaster

The Rocket Summer- I need a Break, but I\’d Rather Have a Breakthrough

Bryce Avary of the Rocket Summer is my Taylor Hanson. Girls, you know that’s a big deal– Which is why, of course, Bryce’s most recent release ‘Of Men and Angels’ is in heavy rotation this summer. Coming from a long-time fan, this album shows how much he’s matured as an artist and is just downright impressive, and the title track off the record is a perfect example of his growth. If you didn’t catch his set at Warped Tour this summer, you really missed out. I know.. I know.. it was 100 degrees outside! (he was in the amphitheater, so that’s not an excuse) or maybe you just didn’t want to miss Emmure (gag me), but trust me, it really was inspiring and worth every drop of sweat. Do yourself a favor: download the album (it’s 7.99 on iTunes! 15 awesome tunes! c’mon! that’s a steal!) and catch him the next time he’s in the South. You’re welcome.

Rocky Votolato-Sun Devil

I seem to have a lot of new albums from some of my favorite bands in rotation this summer.. and Rocky Votolato’s ‘True Devotion’ is no exception.  ‘Sun Devil’ is one of my favorite tracks and I think it’s because it’s one of the more upbeat songs off of the record. If you haven’t gotten into Rocky and his music already, you should definitely give him a spin, I promise you won’t be let down.

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