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Erich Skelton is Kingslyn

When one band breaks up a new one will form.

That is almost always the case, and if you thought that Erich Skelton wouldn’t soon have another project after Marry a Thief you were wrong.

Skelton has always surrounded himself with some of Columbia’s best musicians and Kingslyn follows suit.  The new band features, Philip Strickland (Frontman/Songwriter Firefly Summer), Scooter Fowler (The Decade) and Matt Bundrick (Calculator, The Devil and the Lion, The Decade).

The first show for Kingslyn will be at the next Scene SC Showcase, August 29 at New Brookland Tavern.  They will be joined by Junior Astronomers, Octopus Jones and Lights Resolve.

Kingslyn is currently in the studio and is wrapping up the recording of their first EP with Justin Register (Marry a Thief, Madison Fair).

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