Don\’t Forget My Name1)       Describe your music for those who aren’t familiar.

My music is really a marriage of both pop music and blues. My music has a lot of emphasis on the guitar and being a blues guitar player, it’s a must to keep the guitar first, before anything else.

2)      Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

A lot of the original and uprising blues players and guitar slingers. The biggest are Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Slash and John Mayer.

3)      What are some of your favorite parts about the music scene that you come out of?  What are some things that you wish you could change about the music scene?

Some of my favorite parts is after a couple gigs pass by and you get on the net and just surf the scene of all the players, musicians and bands you’ve played with, it is CRAZY how small the world is and how you can connect one band to another. South Carolina’s music scene is one of the best to ever be apart of. For two reasons:

1)We really do have some of the greatest bands and talent you’ll ever see

2) Our Scene is starting to grow so much, we are starting to become a catalyst in the music scene here in the south east.

It’s very exciting to watch and be apart of. And for that, I’m proud to be in South Carolina.

I would love to change how there aren’t as many venues as there used to be. This economy is really sucking down a lot of things and one of my favorite venues, The Village Tavern just closed down in charleston and I would hate to lose anymore in Charleston or Columbia.

4)      How did your band get started?

My band is really just a band of musicians that get together, whenever I need the help for a full band show. But we all played jazz-band back in high school and after high school we just kept jamming and under the name of “Red House” for a good year. After those days passed, we just kept it “Tyler Boone” and whenever I have a gig, I round up my friends and who ever is available, they are playing that gig with me.

5)      What are you most excited about for the future of your band?

I’m most excited about making another record already. We’ve been playing these songs for so long, we need some newer and more fresh-er songs. I just can’t wait to get it started and finish it again. I’m pretty proud of these records I’ve already produced and recorded thus far, but I def need to keep writing and keep playing AND keep recording. I think this next record needs a tele on it as well… 😉

6)      If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

I would change the fact of taking away the musicians and players money. As in, yeah, of course the label needs to make money somehow, but don’t touch the bands tour money, they should keep it to the record sales. The tour money should only be used to sustain the tour and keep them going on the road. A tour is meant to “produce” PR and to promote the band, not to break the band’s back and have the label profit from it. Oh and to get rid of all the crummy music off of the hit “ryan sea-crest” radio.

7)      Who are some of your favorite South Carolina or Regional bands to play with?  What band do you think your fans should check out?

Nick Bays, S. Prep School and All Get Out will forever be my favorite bands. I mean of course The Working Title and O’brother are amazing! But I mean I’ve known Nick Bays for the longest time, gave him his first show in charleston and a couple others and just watching him grow to the musician and songwriter he is today, it just feels awesome to know him. His new band “The Patient” is a must listen, buy their album, you won’t regret it. And All Get Out, one of the raunchiest (sp??) bands ever. I love them to death, I could jam out to their tunes all day and all night long…can’t wait for that new record. And if you haven’t seen them live…oh you have’t seen a good concert yet.


  1. Dood, you don’t know anything about the music industry. Bands, make their money on touring. Only pathetic wannabee’s get taken advantage by people in the business, you know paying to play if you will? Musicians (the good ones) make 50%-80% on concert ticket sales and the rest on CD sales. You really don’t know anything about the biz kiddo.

    1. Hey “latalenthunter” maybe if you read into what I was saying, you’d understand it better. A lot of major labels are trying to take in account of the touring. “Tea Leaf Green” quoted that they didn’t sign to a major because of how much the label was going to take from them, from touring. The music industry is falling apart and now major labels are looking to catch up from what they lost from the days of “napster.”

      Thanks David for having me on here, idk who this “latalenthunter” guy is, but he keeps on stalking me all over the net. Anything I post or say, he finds it and bashes it. It’s obviously someone who doesn’t have a lot of time on their hands. If there was someway for me to “spam” him off the internet, I would.

      Thanks though David for having me on “scenesc” I apologize for this “spammer” guy, I don’t know who he is.

  2. Hey,

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    From everything he has posted, it’s apparent he’s from Columbia, attends USC, & has a lot of available time to practice his act as a legitimate “talent-agent”.

    It’s really baffling how much he’s all over the internet and how much time he’ll take to mess with Tyler & his friends.

    LaTalentHunter will grow up one of these days…kids usually do 🙂

  3. Better yet…

    No need to install a plugin.

    Login into your account.

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    Funny my comment got deleted. Not taking pride in this site for too much longer.

    1. I apologize about saying “not taking pride in this site”

      I completely regret saying that.

      Was not aware this site requires comment moderation.

      Again, I apologize.

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