Bakari’s Summer Jams #8

Polite Dance Song – The Bird and the Bee

Polite Dance Song – The Bird and the Bee

I’m already falling out of my summer jam mood and into some fall james, but I guess summer’s only got a couple more weeks. This song is a more transitional summer to fall jam. So check it out! Give it a spin. See if you agree. And if you like it, grab more by The Bird and the Bee. Please Clap Your Hands is their best EP as far as I’m concerned.

16 It’s Hard To Say _I Do_, When I Don’t

It’s Hard to Say “I Do”, When I Don’t – Fall Out Boy

Okay, so give me a break. I added Fall Out Boy to the list of my Summer Jams. Here’s the thing, I still love Fall Out Boy. Must be the 14 year old in me, but I will never give it up. This is a bonus track that I hadn’t discovered until about a year ago. I drive around this city blasting it out of my car, attempting to blow my vocal chords while soccer moms with rolled down windows incur the wrath of my shitty speakers from the 1988 ‘Cedes.

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