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Gamecock Football Preview Week 1: Southern Miss

The one thing I care about more than anything else is Gamecock Football, so I’ll be making a weekly analysis and prediction for every game.  I’ve missed 3 games since 2002, all for good reasons, so I’m pretty much an expert.  I’ll also be predicting the Clemson score.

Run Down

Southern Mississippi just had a mock game preparing for Thursday night.  Head coach Larry Fedora emphasized to his players that they must lose with class.  The truth is that this is a trap game for SMU.  They are looking ahead to their match-up with Prairie View A&M in week two.  This is understandable, seeing that they will receive a beat down from the Gamecocks in Week 1.

The Gamecocks will be without tight end Wesley Saunders for the entire 2010 season.  Remember that time he gave up on that play at Clemson?  We do and we wished he left for the CFL last year.  We wish the best for Saunders and hope that he and Maurice Clarett make great teammates in Omaha.  After all, Omaha has treated the Gamecocks very well.

Without Saunders, this will open up the door for one of the best receiving corps in the nation to go out there and show America what they are made of on national TV.  We’ve heard some people worry about our QB situation, but last time I checked we have a guy that threw for 2,800 yards and 17 touchdowns as a sophomore.  Garcia is going to be ready to go and these receivers are going to make him look great.  Hell, you could put me out there throwing to guys over 76 inches tall with the arm span of birds not seen since the Jurassic era and I might make the pro bowl.  And you wonder why Connor Shaw’s numbers look so good from the scrimmages.  He’s throwing to studs.

And look who these guys are handing off to!  Jarvis Giles looks like he is on Soul Train every time you hand him the ball, shifting through the defense and juking the corners like he has Boyz II Men playing in his helmet.  Then you got Big Boss Brian Maddox running over little linebackers inside the 20 picking up 6 every time.  Throw in your Kenny Miles and that slick freshman from Byrnes and we might never even need to sling the ball around.

Then you look at our defense and it looks like a brick wall.  Seriously though, have you seen Byron Jerideau? He is literally a brick wall.  Refrigerator Perry built him himself.  Expect another break out opening game from Devin Taylor.  Their horrible offensive line will be doubling up on Cliff Matthews opening the door for Taylor and Ladi to smother their little QB.  If they don’t get to him, they’ll rush him into throwing up some jump balls to Stephon Gilmore and Chris Culliver, but DeVonte Holloman will swoop in and grab most of those INT’s.  He’s still pissed about the waxing Northwestern gave to South Pointe on national TV Saturday.  Long live Moose Wallace.

Garcia Throws for 400 + and 3 TD’s

Shaw 1 TD

Lattimore and Maddox 1 TD Each

3 Field Goals from Spencer Lanning

Score Prediction-Gamecocks 51 SMU 3

Clemson-4 North Texas-59


  1. Incredible article. Your insight parallels no one. There’s no way I’m paying ANY site if you preview every game like this.

    1. Why do we need The State if we can just follow Travis on Twitter? That’s all I have to say about that.

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