Captains Log Star Date The 13th of September 2010, 10:44 PM

This time tomorrow Wylie will be rocking the panties off of 19 year old girls at Bey’s in 5 Points for the Scene SC/Breakedge Tuesday night concert series that has brought new levels of partying and drunkeness to the live music scene in Columbia.  And as the starry eyed college gals swoon over the handsome Charleston lads, and as one girl catches another girl looking at her band member, the nails will come out and hair will be pulled and the boys from Wylie will play right along.

In reality, this show tomorrow is just a warm up for what they have in store Saturday at Eye Level Art in Charleston.  Their show Saturday is full of surprises that will expand their band to nine members including Justin Osborne (Keys, Vocals), Amber Joyner (Background Vocals), Adam Eddy (Acoustic Guitar, Vocals), Michael Snyder (Percussion).  The first 50 people through the door will get in for $5 and the first 75 through the door will receive a free CD.

And you are reading it here first, but Wylie is going places, so jump on board now.  The band will be playing a couple of new songs that will be on their first full length that is being recorded with Dan Hannon (Manchester Orchestra, O’Brother, A Rocket to the Moon, Winston Audio).  Just wait and see what happens when you mix 4 talented musicians that can write with an A+ producer.

The Company and Johnnie Matthews open.

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  1. Oh let me clarify how voting works, everyone votes for their favorite member, and then we ignore your votes and choose who your favorite member is.

  2. Well, clearly if this is rigged.. I will win because everyone knows I’ve won the hearts of the sceneSC staff.

  3. Why can’t I vote for Dance Commander? I have like 3 floors of computers to vote with!

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