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BREAK EDGE: November 9 – Junior Astronomers / Harvard

November 9 – Junior Astronomers / Harvard

Two of our best friends and favorite bands from Charlotte will be playing on Tuesday at BREAK EDGE.

Both of these bands will be sure to induce intense heights of intoxication and elation.

Fresh and invigorating in the most blistering way, Charlotte’s Junior Astronomers take the fuzzed-out pop-rock of ’90s bands like Superchunk and Pavement and inject it with howling garage aggression and almost mathy rhythmic emphasis. The results are catchy and inviting only to transform your ears into the combustibles for singer Terrence Richards’ scorching tantrums. Fellow Queen City band Harvard is a touch more conventional, pounding on the heavier side of modern rock while singer Jesse Clasen pierces the grunge with his high-pitched croon. It’s not as arresting as the Astronomers, but Harvard’s attack is tight and powerful enough to hold its own on this bill.

Free Times

Bey’s (711 Harden Street)

10:00 pm

Free Entry!

$1 house liquor

$3 PBR TallBoys

$6 Liquor Pitchers

$4 Car/Jager Bombs

For more information, check out:

Junior Astronomers @jrastronomers on twitter

Harvard @thebandharvard on twitter

Break Edge @breakedge on twitter


  1. Jr. Astro’s are the best band to come out of Charlotte in a HOT minute! I went to high school with some of these guys and not only are they great people, but great musicians. So cancel whatever plans you thought you had for Tuesday and go see them live! You won’t be disappointed.

    And Harvard is good too.

  2. Oh come on! With Fantasia Barino living here, and Nick Cannon being born here, there is ZERO chance anything bigger will ever come out of Crown Town. Fantasia can’t even read she’s still awesome.

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