The Dogwood Tribe is the side project of Sequoyah Prep School bass specialist Johnnie Matthews, featuring his friends, including members of Sequoyah and Wylie.

After touring around the country playing over 200 dates and being on the road with his band all of last year, Matthews had the chance to write some songs that he could call his own.  He kicked them around for awhile and since summer has gradually come into his own, playing shows in Charleston and Columbia.

Matthews songs have a timeless sound, meshed with a unique voice that could have been just as popular 30 years ago as they are becoming today.  Lyrically speaking, Matthews gets to write for himself, reflecting on life experiences such as family, girls, being on the road and specifically the music industry as heard in the song “Suits” featured in our acoustic video.

Be on the look out for upcoming shows around the Carolina’s and an EP.

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