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American Gun Needs a Kickstart

Our friends in American Gun started a Kickstarter a couple of weeks back to get the final push to print and master their new album that will come out on Jangly Records early next year.  Within only a couple of days they were well on their way to their goal.

The cool part about Kickstarter campaigns is that there are a lot of incentives for donating.  Allison Weiss made dreams come true with hers.  It is rumored that the person that gives and breaks the $2,000 mark gets a night on the town with Todd and Kevin.

So go ahead and pre-order your copy of the record, or be in the giving mood and give more.  Then you can give your hand crafted fishing lure to your Dad for Christmas.

Over the past five years, American Gun has racked up a years’ worth of
shows throughout the Southeast, traveling to any dive that will have
them and broadcasting their own unique spin on rock and roll while
attempting to (and most often succeeding) connect with fans on a
personal level.  They also have a pretty darn good time themselves in
the process of all the madness.

With 3 full-length releases under their belt, they upped the ante and
went into the Fidelitorium (Mitch Easter’s studio!!!!) to record album
number 4.  While the recording and mixing are currently underway, the
band needs your help to finish the album via pre-orders and other
donations.  Since we don’t want you to just GIVE us your money, we’ve
got some awesome prizes for donations at different levels.  Check em’
out and give what you can making this record truly a band and fan

We’re very lucky to have such incredibly supportive friends, family, and
fans like you!


-Mastering the record… $800

-Physical Production of the record… $1200

where it’d go….

-Marketing & Promotion

-7″ Vinyl production

-Trailer to haul equipment around the Southeast


Based on donation levels, rewards include some or all of the following–
a digital pre-release of the new record, a physical copy of the new
record, T-shirt, hand-crafted Noel Rodgers fishing lure designed
specifically for this project, signed poster, stickers, album credit
thank yous, a song written and recorded about a subject of your liking,
a house show, you + 1 on the guest list at your pick of a show, & more. Or you can simply donate a few dollars to help us out. Anything you give will go a long way in helping us complete this project.

Depending on how all of this goes, we could see you Valentine’s Day with
a  new release!

Much Appreciated,

Todd, Kevin, Noel, Andrew

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