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Free Music: The Fluorescents “Ex Libris”

The Fluorescents

Sing Sing 76

Break Edge @ Bey’s

Tuesday Nov 16


What do you get when you mix half of Sweet Vans, half of Hello Tomorrow and add Keaten North on guitar?  The answer is The Fluorescents who will be playing at Bey’s tonight (Tuesday Nov. 16) for our weekly free music Break Edge series.

When DJ Ginger Snap isn’t writing clever rhymes with DJ B Money, he is writing surf driven oldies with his band.  And while this sound has been gaining steam nationally, there haven’t been many lofi surf rock bands pop up in Columbia.  Thank God for that.

For Justin Hallas and Nate Puza this isn’t a huge stretch from what they were doing in Hello Tomorrow.  The “garage rock” lives on, or shall we call it “basement rock?”

(Click the image for free download)

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