New Music:Marshall Brown-New Moons

Just two years ago Marshall Brown and his band, The Reverie, were playing to a packed house at the Art Bar for Free Times Music Crawl.  Since then his band has broken up and Brown drifted out of the music scene and into a world of recording and focusing on his own music.  Two years later, he has released his new album New Moons digitally on Bandcamp.

From the opening of “Death and Taxes” through the closing seconds of the album, Brown uses his voice as a weapon of melody, layering vocals on top of vocals with swaying guitars to obtain an effect only fully appreciated with headphones.

In a day and age where making a full album has been lost, Brown has released a complete album filled with interludes, highs and lows, backwards guitars and vocals, and psychedelic moments that will take you out of your listening setting.

Standout Tracks-Death and Taxes, HOPE for a new year, A Waltz (Down Memory Ln.), Desert Rain