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Scene SC Presents Valley Maker


Valley Maker (Austin Crane)
The Internet
American Gun
The Restoration
DOORS 6:30
Pre Show Cook Out with Bands
Valley Maker will be 1/10th of our 2011 compilation that will be presented on vinyl.  While the release date of the record won’t be until early February, we are celebrating with half of the bands featured on the release this Friday at New Brookland Tavern.

Headlining the show will be Valley Maker (Austin Crane).  The show Friday will be Austin’s first full band show in months after being out of town and out of the country since May.

Austin Crane played the Scene SC house less than two weeks ago and we were lucky enough to have William Haun of The Blue Indian come and take some pictures and record Austin playing in the park beside our house.  The videos below feature a brand new song and a Valley Maker song.


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