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All Get Out and Junior Astronomers @ Bey’s

Photo by Brian Manley

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In December of last year we had the new All Get Out album as one of the albums we were looking most forward to.  We’re still waiting on the 3-year-old band’s first full-length, but we shouldn’t have to wait much longer.  Looks like the new album will be coming out in the first quarter of 2011 and this will be one of the last shows played on the fumes of the Spitting EP.  And what better place to say goodbye to 2010 and those 6 songs than Bey’s, the smokiest bar in town.

As crooked of a place I think that Bey’s is, they do have the ability to have some dynamic shows.  The distance between the crowd and the band is separated by only a half step and the energy between bands and fans feeds back and forth.  All Get Out has always been known as having a wildly emotional live act that would lead you to believe that this show could be one of those cornerstone shows of the band’s career.  Hey we’re here, we have new music, now let us kick you in the teeth.  What’s up 2011.  The venue caps out at 87.  There are already over 201 confirmed guests.  Raw energy, cheap liquor and cigarette smoke.  Typical fuel for the Southern grunge band.

Kicking off the show will be Junior Astronomers who had one of our favorite EP’s of the year.  JA is one band that surely gives All Get Out a run for their money on having an energetic live show.  We’ve seen Terrence without a shirt, rip his shirt, crowd surf and kiss everyone in the front row.  This all happened at their last show at Bey’s.  Bakari said they had  third best release of 2010.  In Bakari I trust and I completely agree.

End your year right, watch out for the hipster trench, wear a HEPA mask and down some Smashleigh Landrovers.

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