Racheal’s Winter Jamz #1

[audio:http://www.scenesc.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/06-I-Want-this-Cyclops.mp3|titles=I Want this Cyclops by Destroyer] I Want this Cyclops – Destroyer

Destroyer is, by far, my favorite band. I listen to them all year long, but find myself drawn more to them during winter than any other season. Dan Bejar has a voice that draws away the cold weather blues. His verbosity, along with ethereal song writing, create a warm spot in my mind.

[audio:http://www.scenesc.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/09-Dead-Flowers.mp3|titles=Dead Flowers by The Rolling Stones] Dead Flowers – The Rolling Stones

This is about to be sappy, but it is a dedication of sorts for someone, and it’s meant to be! In a time when things were low, & the temperature was even lower, I gained a friend that has become one of the few people that have known me as well as I know myself. We found solace through each other when it was needed most, and still turn to one another when things could be be better and find ways to turn it all around. This song reminds me of winter, my best friend, broken hearts, and the idea that things can only get better. It will be a winter jam for me forever.


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