I have zero will to write tonight since I’ve had a sort of long evening, so I apologize for lack of explanation for my song choices. I still hope you enjoy these songs, as well as the bands, and explore further into them. Good night!

[audio:https://www.scenesc.com/Audio/racheal’s%20jamzzzzzzz%20biotch/10%20Abandon%20Love.mp3|titles=Abandon Love – Drakkar Sauna] Abandon Love by Drakkar Sauna

[audio:https://www.scenesc.com/Audio/S-T/02%20The%20Upstanding%20Sons%20and%20Daughers.mp3|titles=Upstanding Sons and Daughters] The Upstanding Sons and Daughters of East Heights Country Club by Emmett and Mary

Emmett and Mary are also on bandcamp! I strongly suggest you listen to these guys and also check out everything else My Idea of Fun has to offer!

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