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Ashleigh’s Top Acoustic Sessions of 20TEN

20TEN brought one of the best aspects of Scene SC, the acoustic session. The New Brookland Tavern ladies room found itself home to some of the South’s best musicians. Here are the top 3.

1. Wylie- Vidalia

Wylie packed the bathroom, used the stall as a drum and had everyone in the room dancing (and sweating).

2. Kevin Devine (Bad Books)- Mesa, AZ

Kevin Devine performed Mesa, AZ off the self-titled Bad Books album on the streets of Charleston in July. Though different than his new musical direction, it was still exceptional.

3. Besides Daniel and Molly Parden

This delightful duo, Danny Brewer of Besides Daniel and Molly Parden, joined forces for an acoustic session at the Homemade Genius Festival in September. I think this is one of the most underrated sessions we’ve done, these guys are fantastic.

Honorable Mentions:

Steven Fiore

Nathan  Hussey of All Get Out

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