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Top 10 EP’s of 2010

2010 gave us just as many quality EP’s as it did full length albums. So here are our top 10 EP’s of 2010.

#1 Cary Ann Hearst-Are You Ready to Die

Cary Ann Hearst and Michael Trent are a musical juggernaut constantly playing shows, recording solo albums, playing in their band Shovels and Rope and collaborating with some of the finest musicians around. Are You Ready to Die was record in LA with producers Butch Walker and Jake Sinclair. Where gutsy country meets pop rock.

#2 Company-Company

This EP has been available for a little over a month now in stores and at shows and is Co.’s first release on Fat Possum Records. The same Fat Possum that is home to a long list of fantastic bands. Co. has always been known as having great songs, but now they have the quality recordings to go with it.

#3 Kingslyn-Drunken Country Curse

Erich Skelton wasn’t out of the music scene for long after his former band Marry a Thief called it quits. He was off just long enough to write and record 6 twangy melodic gems with his new band Kingslyn.

Kingslyn Bandcamp

#4 Calculator-Classic Acid

Just shy of a full length album, the Classic Acid EP put Calculator on the map. This EP took a step forward with recording quality and with songwriting and is a snapshot of the band with their old line up.

Calculator Bandcamp

#5 Calculator-En Shape

Having one EP in the top 10 wasn’t enough, so Calculator had to release two. And while it still had the signature Calculator sound, this EP was recorded with the current line up of Grayson Venters on guitar and Michael Crawford on drums. Keeping these two EP’s separate was key for cohesion.

Young Alumni

Steven Fiore can write a brilliant pop song about anything. He’s done it with his cat and Young Alumni finds him writing sci fi pop hits. Could it have come out any better?

Young Alumni Bandcamp

#7 The Internet-On the Bring or Bust

No one saw the guys in Baumer making music all together again, but they got together in a cabin in the mountains and knocked out 5 songs just to show they still had it. Then they played one show and said goodbye. We’d be happy with one EP and one show a year.

The Internet Bandcamp

#8 Hannah Miller-Journey to the Moon

Hannah Miller has upped and moved to Nashville where she recorded her last EP Journey to the Moon. Every top 10 we’ve ever done has featured a Hannah Miller release and to not include her would be crazy. These 4 songs will have you smiling and make you feel the love. It might make you pull out your old kazoo too.

Hannah Miller Bandcamp

#9 Sweet Vans- I Ain't Got Time

It’s hard to describe Sweet Vans latest EP as anything other than clever. The month leading up to the release of this EP Bakari and Will quit using clocks because “time had never helped them before.” This is the EP that led Sweet Vans to full band performances and put them on the map with critics.

#10 Emily McCollum-Stranger

Emily McCollum is one of the most talented new voices on the local music scene and her new EP recorded at Archer Avenue Studios helped her along the way. Now she is out performing with Steven Fiore and solidifying her name by playing shows with other talented artists.  And get this, she hasn’t even graduated high school yet.

Emily McCollum Bandcamp

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