Winter Jamz Week #4

According to clinical studies, last week was the most depressing of the year.  It’s cold as all get out and you’ve hit that low after the holiday season.  Don’t give yourself hell and make it worse by listening to William Fitzsimmons.  It’s going to be alright!  Spring is right around the corner and you’ll be partying on the lake in no time.

Fun-All the Pretty Girls

This song will get you ready for the weekend.  We’re planning on getting SPS drunk with all of the pretty girls, we’re bringing the tambourine and the cow bell this weekend and might even buy a new shirt.  Throw on this jam to get your hips warmed up.

Bridge and Tunnell-Call to the Comptroller

If it’s under 60 degrees I’m in a Bridge and Tunnel mood.  Their guitar tones are warm and their songs really surround you.  You can rock out to it or just sit back and enjoy it, but don’t be sad!

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