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Scene SC Retro Samplers:The Year 2000

Last year The Free Times did a great article putting together some of the best local songs of the last 30 years.  That article was a huge hit, and I was thinking this weekend that Scene SC might be able to take that idea one step farther.

I was driving to Greenville Sunday and I still had the 2011 sampler on my mind and I thought, why not make a 2000 sampler?  What kind of blog are we if we don’t know where we came from?  I’ve been casually involved in the South Carolina music scene since I was a kid, but there are a lot of great songs out there that everyone has forgotten.

So here is what we are working on now.  Every month we’re going to release a new sampler.  In March we’ll release the 2000 Scene SC Sampler, featuring 10-15 songs from that year, or around that year.  I might throw a couple of 90’s tunes on there…we’ll see.

You’ll be able to hear the progression of musicians that we’ve come to know over the last ten years.  From Todd and Kevin of American Gun playing in Betty Sneetch to Daniel Machado in Guitar Show etc.  I could go on and on.

What originally gave me this idea was listening to the Sequoyah Prep School catalog, from their first album when they were 16 to their new album almost nine years later.  It was really cool to literally hear a band grow up and not break up in that time period.

We’ll give everyone the chance to hear Courage Riley, Capital, Joe 747, Satchul, all bands that had members go on to sign with mid-major record labels.  That’s just the tip of the iceburg.

Hopefully there will be shows to go along with these, you never know.  It will give bands a chance to release unreleased songs and remember their glory days.

Of course all of the downloads will be free.

We’re excited about this, and we’ll need your help!  So let’s start with the year 2000 and try to get a list of bands and songs together.  After we finish the year 2000 we’ll move on from there.


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