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Archer Avenue Studio

Kenny McWilliams and Eric McCoy have been pushing out some solid material for the past couple of years from their Columbia recording studio.  The list of artists that recorded there goes on and on, but just to name a couple of Scene SC favorites; Austin Crane, Valley Maker, Madison Lucas, The Daylight Hours, Hannah Miller, Rejectioneers, Haley Dreis, Nathan Hussey, Ghosts of the Great Highway, Baumer, Treadmill Trackstar…you get the idea.

What sets Archer Avenue Studio apart isn’t only their sound quality, but the way that McWilliams and McCoy take pride and get involved in each project.  It’s rare that you see this in recording studios, but these guys have done more for the sound and production of Columbia musicians than anyone has seen in a long time.

This Thursday night at New Brookland Tavern four of the bands that have recorded at Archer Avenue Studios are uniting for a show.  Headlining the show will be Don Russo’s Charming Hala with Octupus Jones, The Sea Wolf Mutiny and Emily McCollum opening.

Both Octopus Jones and The Sea Wolf Mutiny participated in the NBT Battle of the Bands with Octopus Jones taking home the prize.  Obviously the cream rose to the top in that showcase and the best bands connected and are still playing shows together.  But you would expect that, both of these bands are filled with the nicest most genuine dudes around.

Opening the show will be Emily McCollum who is featured on this years Scene SC Sampler and is one of South Carolina’s best up and coming female artists.  On Valentines Day she trumped the Jadeveon Clowney story by committing to USC after considering other schools.  I guess Scene SC just recruited her too hard and she wasn’t able to leave.  Although we’re still waiting on her letter of commitment over the fax machine.

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