Kathrine’s “Almost Spring” Jamz

too cold for life

Is it baseball season yet? I’m done with winter! I’m holding out hope that we’re going to see Spring sooner rather than later, so here are my “Almost Spring” jamz.

Barton Hollow -The Civil Wars

The Civil Wars’ new album ‘Barton Hollow’ was on my most anticipated of ’11 list that somehow never got posted. Anyways… this song! The title track to their new album is haunting and perfect, bringing me out of my winter slump with great harmonies and while still feeling a little dirty. I saw them play on a porch in southern Alabama last fall and I’m looking forward to catching them again in a few weeks at SXSW since they recently sold out THREE Nashville shows before I could get my grabby little hands on a ticket.

Let Them Burn (Out?) -Madi Diaz and Kate York

Please excuse the video quality, but it’s the only one in existence for this brand new song. I had full body chills towards the end when they played this a few weeks ago. “Love, come out where ever you are” is basically my exact headspace right now. Madi’s vocals are great and this is definitely a ‘go away winter! c’mon spring!’ driving song.

Long Winded Woman -Sequoyah (they finally graduated from Prep School)

Well this took long enough. I’ve worn OUT this song on my ipod. If it were on any form of tangible media I would’ve broken it by now. The rest of the album should rule too! Out March 1st. And I STILL don’t understand how they’re not already huge, especially in the Southeast.