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Emily Lynch-Amy’s Song

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky to catch Emily Lynch’s set opening for Jill Andrews at The White Mule.  The next night we made it up to the show in Charlotte while she was playing to a sold out crowd.  We didn’t make it into the show at The Evening Muse, but we did get to watch her play “Amy’s Song” again that night.

Lynch wrote nearly 80 songs for her self titled debut that came out February 15.  She worked on the album in her home town of Atlanta with Dan Hannon, who if you aren’t familiar with him has worked with Andy Hull and Manchester Orchestra along with a long list of great artists.  What is unique about “Amy’s Song” is that it was actually penned by Andy Hull about his wife and was given to Lynch to record.  Hannon said that “It’s rare to find an artist as decidated and as driven as Emily.”  This shows through not only through her preparation for this album, but in her steady touring across the Southeast with other well respected artists.

“Amy’s Song” is definitely one of the stand out songs on her new album and we’re happy to offer it as a free download to you today.

Emily Lynch borders the line between country and pop music.  Somewhere in that honest sound that is really who she is and not overly produced like most pop country is.

Oh, and we’ve forgiven Emily for her Clemson ties. 🙂

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