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Urban Tour 2K11

Downtown Columbia will come to life this Thursday night with music, food, drinks, fun and photography.

The 2011 Urban Tour will feature music from some of SceneSC’s favorite bands including The Unawares, Say Brother, Day Clean and the The Dubber.

The most exciting part of the night might be at Free Times headquarters where local photographers will be showing their local rock and roll pictures.  Well, not all of the photos will be of local bands, but the exhibit will feature all local musicians.  This is in companion with the “Who Shot Rock and Roll” exhibit currently going on at the Columbia Museum of Art.  Photographers beign featured are Angie Owens, Cameron Yeager, Graeme Fouste, Scott Bilby, and Sean Rayford.

If you’re trying to be the hippest, coolest, most snazzy person on the street you better be hanging out at The Whig block party.  You’ll most likely see team SceneSC there and The Shop Tart since she said on twitter that her favorite place to relax is The Whig.

Say Brother
Bluesy bar rock

Whiskey Tango Revue
Outlaw country

The Unawares
Garage rock

Magnetic Flowers
Indie folk

Day Clean
Soul, folk, hip hop duo with vocals, guitar and cello

Artist Ernest Lee, aka Chicken Man
One of Columbia’s icons showcasing his dancing chickens painted in bright primary colors and pastels

Jamie Beresford Trio
Live Jazz trio

Singer/songwriters from the Musicians and Songwriters Guild of SC
Four women showcasing original acoustic work

Columbia Alternacirque
Columbia’s lovable band of circus misfits

Lunch Money
Indie music for the whole family

Ernie Halter
Indie singer/songwriter with hints of blues, rock, jazz and soul

Spinning House and Poptronica

Doug and Bunny Williams
Music duo presenting standards and swing

The Columbia Shag Club
Preserving the art of shag dancing since 1982

THE Dubber
Funk, Rock, Reggae, and Hip-Hop

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