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Monster Music Record Store Day

Monster Music is located at 946 Orleans Rd, Charleston SC 29407.

Record Store Day is Saturday April 16th.  10:00 am until 1000 pm.

The event is free and open to the public, and everyone is encouraged to attend.

It is unfortunate that the development of CD’s and computers didn’t coincide better because it left this 20 year window where record labels made huge dollars off CDs.  I used to buy hundreds of these little plastic cases, with little folded booklets and these little discs with information packed on them.  How stupid is that?

Thank God for the rebirth of vinyl, and that record stores are back to being, well record stores.

Three years ago with the decline of album sales all across America independent record stores banded together for “Record Store Day.”  April 16th has turned into the biggest sales day of the year for record stores, so spend part of your Saturday showing support, picking up some swag and checking out some great local bands.

Bands performing will be: Company, Mac Leaphart, Ryan Bonner & the Dearly Beloved, Blue Dogs, Heyrocco, Leslie, Go For Launch, Brother, and the 33’s.  Leslie and the 33’s have new CDs whose releases coincide with this day.  Many of the performers will have freebies or special offers of their own.

Official Record Store Day Website, with full list of releases.

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