Friday April 22

New Brookland Tavern

Octopus Jones, Wylie, The Sea Wolf Mutiny, Dead Canaries

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Octopus Jones

Octopus Jones will be releasing their new album Treat Yourself this Thursday at New Brookland Tavern with a fine cast of supporting bands.  Treat Yourself are the first recordings from Octopus Jones that do their live sound justice.  The album is a series of emotional moments better compared to a foreign film score than a dude standing outside of your window with a radio above his head.

Also putting the finished touches on their new album, The Sea Wolf Mutiny will be opening the show.

Also working on their new album, Wylie will be playing main support.

Just checked out Dead Canaries for the first time and they are really good. By good, I mean that if they weren’t I wouldn’t have mentioned them. So by saying this much, that means you should at least give them a chance.

2011 has already been a great year for South Carolina music, but adding releases from these three bands will might make it one of the best years ever for local releases.

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