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Junior Astronomers and Sing Sing 76 at Bey’s

Saturday April 23

Junior Astronomers

The Lion in Winter

Sing Sing 76

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I know it’s been a while since we’ve written about a show at Bey’s.  The hipster trench has come a long way since we parted ways in late 2010. The good news is that Bakari and Alejandro have led it down a path of sweaty hype shows, booty grinding and a place of local Cheers quality where everyone knows your name.  Bey’s is the best place in town to hear free original live music.

This Easter Eve they are bringing some of the best hip young bands together for a wild night.  The Lion in Winter is on break neck pace to be the band that plays at Bey’s every week.  Their slow emotional builds have become the soundtrack to your $6 pitcher of Benchmark Bourbon.  We’ve said for years that Hunter Duncan is one of the most talented kids in town.  TLiW might be his best project to date.

Sing Sing 76 will be playing hot off the release of their new EP.  The upstate band are quickly adopting Columbia as a second home playing shows consistently around town.  Their new EP shows off a jangly emo quality that will quickly win over fans live with shivering pop melodies.

Junior Astronomers have a formula to becoming one of the most charming bands in the Southeast.  In addition to playing their hype dance infused rock n roll and winning over every crowd they play for, they keep teaming up with some of the best bands around.  They’ve hopped on tours with O”Brother.  Toured up and down the Easter shore and just last week joined The Winter Sounds and Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun in Greenville.

When is Junior Astronomers signing to a record label?

Why haven’t they already?

Are they going to let me sleep in their tour bus when they’re famous?

Are Junior Astronomers our favorite drinking buddies and that’s why we’re writing about them?

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