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Album Review: The Submarines-Love Notes/Letter Bombs

The Submarines: Music for a Sunny Day.

Love Notes/Letter Bombs, the third full-length album from indie pop duo John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard, known collectively as The Submarines, is not usually my cup of tea. It’s bright and sunny with infectious hooks and sing-along choruses.  I usually prefer my music a little on the darker side.  Maybe it’s the beautiful weather here in Columbia, SC or the fact that I’m in an especially good mood these days, but this album just hit me in all the right spots.  Bridging the gap between pop and electronica, The Submarines find a middle ground that is pop-radio friendly while still retaining an interesting sonic landscape.  Acoustic guitar flourishes give the sound an organic feel that also does it quite the good service.  Clocking in at a mere 39 minute, this is also a concise affair, perfect for a short summer car ride or lounging time out by the pool.  This is most certainly the music for those lazy hazy days.

This is not to say that the lyrics always maintain a bright and cheery outlook.  Hidden in the wash of bright pop are lyrics about broken hearts and lost love.  Ultimately for the characters in these songs, however, love prevails and “the sun shines at night, we’re in love and it feels so right.”  I must be getting soft in my old age, but this record is nothing less than adorable.  There, I said it. Adorable.  It’s a bright and sunny day.  The Submarines just might help you enjoy it just a little bit more.

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