Summer Cuts: Ben Gibbard and Madi Diaz

Ben Gibbard-Carolina

I’m ready for my summer music selections.  I’ve been listening to a lot of great new music lately.  Most of it has been featured on the website by myself, Cameron or Rupert.  The other day I plugged in my old hard drive and came across “Carolina” by Ben Gibbard and fell back in love with it.  This song is from a fantastic split EP between Ben Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) and  Andrew Kenny (American Analog Set) from 2003.  Ben Gibbard being simple is where he’s at his finest.

Madi Diaz and Kyle Ryan-Love You Now

My friends are tired of me talking about how good Madi Diaz is.  I think I’ve already turned them all into fans.  I haven’t written about her on the site yet.  Diaz is another product of Berklee College of Music, like many other people we’ve written about.  So if you didn’t hear about her after 10 out of Tenn, it’s your turn to hear about her here.

This is my favorite song off her last EP Ten Gun Salute and is called “Love You Now.”



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