Ryan Adams London Setlist

My friend Kevin is currently working in London and had the chance to see Ryan Adams perform at The Barbican Centre on June 20, 2011.  The setlist was so impressive that I had to post it.  It’s pretty much a dream set for any Ryan Adams fan.

June 20, 2011 Set

1) Oh My Sweet Carolina (Heartbreaker)
2) Roll Away? (New song, don’t know name of it?)
3) Please Do Not Let Me Go (Love is Hell pt 2)
4) Why Do They Leave? (Heartbreaker)
5) New York, New York (Gold)
6) Let it Ride (Cold Roses)*
7) Desire (Demolition)
8 ) Carolina Rain (29)
9) Rescue Blues (Gold)
10) Dirty Rain (New song)
11) In My Time of Need (Heartbreaker)
12) My Winding Wheel (Heartbreaker)
13) Bartering Lines (Heartbreaker)
14) Firecracker (Gold)
15) Everybody Knows (Easy Tiger)
16) Houses on the Hill (Whiskeytown) (Strangers Almanac)*
17) Sylvia Plath (Gold)
18) Strawberry Wine (29)
19) Come Pick Me Up (Heartbreaker)

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