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Our friends at Littlest Sounds have released their July edition of the Littlest Sounds Compilation.  Many South Carolina bands have been featured on this download in the past and this months features our own Coma Cinema.

We had Matt Little and his band Commerce in town a couple of weeks ago and we had a blast catching up with him.  Right now he is on his way to Africa, but when he comes back it would be great if he could see a ton of people downloaded the Comp.  Download it and find some new good music.

  • July/2011 Tracklisting

    1. Veins – Arrange
    2. Minneapolis – Arron Dean
    3. Go Ahead – Banjo Or Freakout
    4. Crushing – Blithe Field
    5. Kotzebue – Cassis Orange
    6. Her Sinking Sun – Coma Cinema
    7. Mammoth – El Cantador
    8. Glowing Eyes – FLASHLIGHTS
    9. Beach Holiday – Fort Lean
    10. Black Hills – Gardens & Villa
    11. Nerves – Happy Trendy
    12. Crystaleyed – A Home. A Heart. Whatever.
    13. Disintegration, The Advisory Circle Reshape – Hong Kong In The 60s
    14. Steady Hands – KNESSET
    15. The Start – A Little Nothing
    16. Wishing – Mutual Benefit
    17. August – Neighbors
    18. More Than Friends Who Like Good Music – Netherfriends
    19. Pinko Morning – Nihiti
    20. Rose Mary Stretch – Pepper Rabbit
    21. Baseball on the Radio – Pursesnatchers
    22. Walking Wires – Radical Dads
    23. Dreamboat – Saskatchewan
    24. Can’t Get My Mind Off You – Sean Nicholas Savage
    25. Seven Years – Sewing Machines
    26. Faith Center – Soft Landing
    27. Broken Hearts – Summer Heart
    28. Reckless Girl – This Frontier Needs Heroes
    29. Visions Part I – The Ugly Club
    30. Buildings – unouomedude
    31. Sick Days – Yourself And The Air

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