Acoustic Night Themes for September/October

We’ve set the themes for our acoustic nights for September and October, so sign up today if you want to play one of the nights before we run out of space.  When you sign up I’ll put your name under the night you’re signed up for.

This will be a treat for music fans to hear their favorite local artists covering songs that have influenced them.

Specials include:

$1.50 Miller Highlife / $2 House
$3.99 Lasagna Special from The Garden Deli

Sets will be 20 minutes or 5 songs and you can play a mix of originals and the theme for the night.

To sign up email

September 5- Weezer Cover Night

September 12-Local Covers (Cover your fellow local artists)

September 19-Tom Petty Cover Night

September 26- Classic Country Cover Night

October 3- Fleetwood Mac Cover Night

October 10- Local Covers (Cover your fellow local artists)

October 17-Power Ballad Cover Night

October 24- 90’s Cover Night

October 31- Covers from the Grave (The artists that you’re covering has to be dead. Tupac?)

Rupert and Pedro

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