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Introducing: Typhoon

Beautiful would be the top word to describe this band. But talented would be a close second. Typhoon are a band from Portland, Oregon with a band ranging from 13-21 members, depending on where they play. When I saw them at Lollapalooza they had 13 members, including 2 drummers, trumpeters, and two violinists. It seems like having that many people would create a cluttered, noisy sound but what came out of the speakers was something that is very difficult to describe.

During the song The Honest Truth, all 13 members sing “You’re gonna piss and moan, you let the devil in your home” combining both female and male voices in probably one of the most amazing verses I have ever heard. Typhoon were hailed at SXSW this year as being “the winner of the weekend” and they were the same for Lollapalooza.

Typhoon are a band who are slowly climbing their way to the top. I could definitely see them becoming the next Arcade Fire. Seeing them perform on a huge stage like that would be absolutely brilliant. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed.

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